Thursday, July 21, 2005

Apistan and a new super

Today I put in a single Apistan strip into the number 3 hive as Lindsay recommended yesterday. Hopefully that will clear them up.

Then, after dinner, I sat on the back doorstep making up 9 frames to fill a super, with E and D watching and helping a bit. This takes... maybe half an hour. They are the sort-of self-spacing sort, but since I'm only putting 9 into a super they don't self-. Anyway, put the super into #2, only just about managing to lift off the 2 full supers to get the new one underneath.

I forgot to mention: yesterday: Lindsay was bemoaning the fact that I had borage honey coming out of my ears (so to speak) and not enough supers to put on, whereas he (who has been good and put new supers on) wasn't close enough.


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