Monday, September 05, 2005

A look and some clearer boards. Summer ending?

Its getting to the end of summer. On sunday I got 2 apistan strips from Nicola but I need two more. I see that the small hive got its one strip on July 21st so its about time to take that out. In a day or two.

So: hive 2 is OK, but not a lot of honey stored after the last take-off, and of that little capped. Leave them in peace. Hive 1 has maybe 1 1/2 supers, so clearer-board that, swapping the heavy supers to the top. *Must* get some proper crown boards, or do some maintenance: the one for hive 2 is falling apart. Hive 3: seems vigorous enough, but plenty of space.

Soir: melt down the honey/wax mixture. Scrape out and clean the extractor.


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