Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The pic is looking down onto a super full of frames full of honey. The wavy pattern is cute but as anyone in the know will know, somewhat undesirable: really the bees should be pulling the frames equally, and having a pattern like than means you can't shuffle the frames around.

Today I took off the 4 supers that I had clearer-boarded on... sunday? Hive 2 was a success: nearly clear. Hive 1 was less good and I had to flick bees around. Sorry girls. However the end product was a wheelbarrow full of honey...

My technique now is to offload into the wheelbarrow, wheel it up the garden, take the frames out onto a table in the garden room and then go off and have dinner and process in the evening. Miranda helped for the first few before going off to bed; Daniel helped for some more; then I was left alone. In the end I ran out of time and only processed 3 supers, I'll have to dump #4 back on the hives for the while. But the main point was to give them more room, which they will get. Perhaps I'll split the still-full frames half-half between the hives. yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Total honey production... not sure. I had to empty about 10 kg out into a bucket because the extractor (3 frame tangenital) filled up, so 30 kg at least, perhaps 40-50 if I've done well. Not sure. All nice and runny and probably mostly borage.