Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Apistan and return supers

Today (about 5 pm, but it was a warm day) I:

- removed the single apistan strip from hive 3 (bang on time). Hive looks good. Also gave it one of the spun supers for luck.

- put two apistan strips into each of hives 1 and 2 (hive 1 got the other spun super). Bees rather annoyed with this but they didn't get me ha ha. Two were Nikolas (dated 2005/12) and two from JR (undated, but I assume long: the two spare from him I put back in Nikolas packet, so the date looks wrong. Beware). Hive 1, 2 both vigourous though 1 only has brood across 5-6 frames. Shuffle those about into the centre a bit.

- replaced the crown board on hive 2 because it was falling to bits and needs repair: over winter.

- sold £5 (2 jars, runny) to a woman who called by.

Still to do: decant the honey in the extractor.

The picture isn't random: someone asked my permission to use it in an Agricultural Sciences textbook! I said yes, if you send me a copy of the book.


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