Monday, September 12, 2005

A bit more honey; a bit of a mess!

Home at 6pm; decide to see if I can take off the top two supers of hive 1 that were clearer-boarded... oh, about a week ago now. Oops. You shouldn't leave them on for a week, cos the bees find a way in, and... err, there they are, clustered around a teensy hole they have dug in the corner. Ahem.

So, top off (farewell to any idea of doing this quickly) and poke around. Some robbing, but maybe not too bacd. Go through all 4 supers and decide that taking the top 2 off is about OK; somehow do this withou annoying the girls too much.

Intended to spin tonight but my co-owner of the spinner has done a shamefully bad job of cleaning it, so I do it again, but it won't be dry tonight. Hey ho, I have other things to do.

I have on order from John Rayner (Springwell Apiaries, john.rayner (at), 01799 531014) some Apistan strips (for two hives: he will split them up), maybe do that tomorrow. Seems a bit late in the year (I always am) but he says I'm not the latest.


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